Oct 3, 2011
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10 Unknown Features or Functions of New Kindle Fire

There is a lot of hardware reviewing and testing required for in-depth knowledge of the device specifications, components, and its features. However, there are still quite a few unknown spots in the spec list of new Kindle Fire to analyze the tablet PC properly.

Whatever we got to know about Kindle Fire, there were quite a lot left to be answered and we’re expecting that information to be approaching soon.

As of today, here are some of the most intriguing unknown questions surfacing about the new tablet PC:

1. Will the Fire be able to download and store media locally?

2. Will Android apps in the Amazon Appstore get Fire-optimized versions?

3. Is Amazon freezing out other content providers from the Fire, such as Pandora, Netflix, or Spotify?

4. How will the unnamed dual-core CPU compare to the performance of the Nook Color, as well as more expensive tablets?

5. Will there be either a larger 10-inch version or a 3G version?

6. How much of the 8GB of internal memory is user-accessible?

7. Will the emphasis on streaming video kill the Fire's battery life?

8. Has the Fire set a new baseline price for 7-inch tablets?

9. Will there be a "Special Offers" version of the Fire?

10. How will the new Silk browser work with Web-based content? Will it play nice with Facebook games?

Amazon Kindle Fire

We are sure that there will be many other questions surfacing around in the mind of potential Kindle Fire buyers. If you have one which is not part of our ten questions, please feel free to list it below in comments section.

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