Jul 4, 2011

Acer Laptops … A broad range of products … affordably-priced

If you’re already a fan of laptops or notebooks for business and personal uses, you probably know the names of the top manufacturers … the best laptop brands, as well. So it will come as no surprise to you when I mention a company by the name of Acer.

Acer LaptopsAs I’m sure you know, Acer is one of the world’s largest, best-known and most respected manufacturers of laptops … desktop personal computers, too. But, I don’t want to discuss desktop computers today. No … this discussion is all about laptops and Acer is a company that you can trust and rely on if you’re interested in purchasing a portable, “take-along” laptop computer.

To begin, because Acer is one of the world’s biggest producers of laptops, their product range is substantial. Currently, the company has four top brand name laptops or notebooks on the market … all of which are available in the United States.

Acer product line includes all of the following: Travel Mate … Aspire … Extensa … and Ferrari. While all 4 of these laptops are good, two of the four products are considerably more popular than their counterparts, probably because of price and functionality. The two most popular models are Acer Travel Mate … and Acer Aspire. What is it that makes these two laptop models so popular with global consumers? Let’s examine the facts …

  • Acer Aspire is budget-friendly … easy-to-use … very, very portable. This line of product is immensely popular in America for so many reasons. The Aspire laptops are sleek, trim, remarkably lightweight … yet surprisingly tough and durable. Noteworthy for their stable keyboards and their sharp good, looks, the Aspire product line of laptops are also priced well below other models in the Acer product line. That makes them popular … very popular. Of course, while moderately-priced and ideal for students operating on limited budgets, Aspire laptops are also well-liked by businessmen and women who spend more time on the road than in the home office.
  • Acer Travel Mate is a top-of-the-line laptop that is perfect for business use … it’s true. These well-made and cleverly-crafted laptops are packed with computer applications that make them ideal for professionals and business people who are always “on-the-go.” Sturdily-constructed, yet handsomely-appointed, any businessman or woman will feel proud and confident to take an Acer Travel Mate laptop into an important meeting or business conference with a client. Of course, this line of Acer laptops is priced somewhat higher than the Aspire line of laptops mentioned earlier. And yet, it is competitively-priced, certainly no more expensive than other high-level laptops or notebooks.

Acer Ferrari LaptopAcer, because it is such a big and important international manufacturer of laptops, also has two other portable computers on the market right now. The Acer Extensa and Acer Ferrari lines tend to be “a bit pricey,” but both are packed with vast arrays of business apps, along with personal and game applications that make them great to own … and to use.

So … if you’re in the market for a laptop or notebook – in any price range – consider Acer. Their products satisfy all of your laptop needs.


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