Aug 30, 2011

Amazon Tablet is Next to Compete with Apple iPad

Amazon hasn’t really announced the dates of launching their Android tablet, however analysts of The Wall Street Journal are speculating the launch date to be somewhere in and around October, 2011.  If we go with the speculative launch dates, Amazon will have only 3 months in hand to make their mark in the tablet market as experts are anticipating the latest entrant to sell close to 5 million tablet pc’s in Q4 of the year 2011.

Since Amazon is willing to take the route of selling “Kindle” at a loss price in order to get more products out there in the market and improve sales through website, which other retailers typically avoid to cut down losses, it might just reach the 5 million mark within the first month of the tablet release. We can witness similar type of frenzy spread out when HP slashed prices to $99/- for Touchpad to get out of tablet pc market. In case of HP Touchpad, people rushed to online websites and offline stores to get a piece of HP’s history making tablet for cheap.

And if this happened in case of Amazon’s tablet PC, you will have a direct contender stealing some of the limelight from Apple iPad 2.

Amazon Tablet PCAs per Fox News, Apple has been successful in selling almost 30 million iPad tablets since its April, 2010 launch date. Efforts from rival companies like Samsung, Motorola and Research in Motion have been proved futile in offering serious challenge to the market leader, Apple. Earlier in the month, Hewlett-Packard was forced to scrap TouchPad project after making numerous “unsuccessful” attempts in tablet pc market.

Fox News wrote, “Thus far, Apple has had quite a few would-be competitors, but none were able to gain considerable market share. Amazon’s willingness to sell hardware at a loss price, as it did with the Kindle and its potential to gain online market share quickly, makes Amazon a vicious competitor.”

Guess we will have to wait and watch how Amazon’s dream of taking over the tablet pc market by storm pans out.

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