Best Laptop Brands

How to find and choose the Best Laptop Brands… It’s Easier than you think!

If you live in the United States and you’ve ever owned a desktop or a laptop, you’re probably familiar with the best manufacturers of these electronic marvels and the incredible laptops they produce. It’s true for owners of desktops … even more so for folks – like you – who may now own, or who once owned, a sexy laptop.

Consider the top brands, some of which are manufactured outside of America, all of which are marketed and sold within the borders of this great country. The list includes …

Acer and some of their best-known laptops, including: TravelNote, ExtensaFerrari and Aspire. The company behind Acer is not American, but their products are immensely popular in all 50 states. And, they’re affordable, as well.

Gateway is, of course, another very well-known manufacturer of top-of-the-line Laptops whose products range in price from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars … and even a little bit higher. But, as you probably know, Gateway Laptops are dependable.

Want more? There is Packard Bell and its highly-regarded EasyNote model. Dell is one of America’s top producers of laptops with several models available … in a variety of prices ranges. Then … there is Hewlett-Packard with its HP Series of laptops … CompaqPanasonic … Sony (and its coveted Sony VAIO model … Toshiba … Samsung and many other lesser-known, but still very popular brands.

Importantly, all of the manufacturers mentioned – and the products they sell – offer you a good value. Of course, your budget will be an important factor in which laptop you purchase. While all of these companies produce laptops that are packed with many, if not all, of the latest “bells and whistles,” price plays a role in how many “extras” are included.

So … let your budget guide your selection. But remember: a laptop from any of the manufacturers mentioned constitutes a sound purchase for you. Here is a list for you to consider of some of the best laptop brands available worldwide:

Are there other reliable laptop brands I may not know? The answer to that question is an emphatic Yes! In truth, there are many manufacturers of Laptops in Europe and Asia who market and sell their products abroad. Their prices may be even better than those of the companies mentioned earlier. And, if you can’t find their Laptops at a walk-in retailer, it’s almost certain you’ll be able to purchase their products online. Here are just a few of the better-known companies producing Laptops overseas. In fact, you may recognize some of the names. And that may give you the confidence to seek more information about them … and their incredible Laptops. The companies include: Hyundai (yes, the car manufacturer) … Phillips … Sharp … Jetta … Lotus Computers … Zenith … Olivetti … NEC… and dozens of other companies, all of whom are producing and selling excellent Laptop Computers. So … when you’re ready to purchase a Laptop, how will you choose? Start by listing the companies that interest you …. then go online … look for reviews from real people … comparison shop to find the best price for you … that buy the Laptop you want. You’re sure to enjoy the result and list below… because every laptop brand mentioned here is reliable. And their products are great. Happy shopping!

  • A*Note
  • Abbcore Technologies - Desktop, Notebook, Server, Media Center
  • Axioo
  • Bluechip Computer - TRAVELline
  • Belinea -,, X3 SLI
  • One - One Notebooks
  • BenQ
  • Clevo
  • dimotion
  • Everex - CloudBook, gBook
  • Founder Technology
  • G7 - Genius Book
  • Gigabyte Technology
  • Hasee
  • HCL
  • HTC - HTC Shift
  • Hyundai
  • Gradiente
  • Jetta (electronics company)(OEM only) - Jetbook
  • Lotus Computer - Solstice Series, Eclipse
  • Meebox - Meebox, Slate
  • LG - Xnote
  • MDG Computers
  • NEC - VERSA, LaVie
  • Neo - Empiriva, Endura
  • Olivetti - Olibook
  • Onkyo - SOTEC
  • PC Club
  • Philips - X200
  • PCSmart
  • Pioneer Computers
  • Redfox
  • Quanmax
  • chiliGREEN
  • Schenker Notebooks
  • Seanix - Seanix
  • Sharp - Mebius
  • Siragon, C.A.
  • System76
  • TabletKiosk
  • Tongfang
  • TriGem - Averatec
  • Turbo-X (Greece only)
  • Vestel
  • VIA - NanoBook, pc-1 Initiative
  • iBall Laptops
  • Voodoo PC - Envy
  • Wortmann - Terra Mobile
  • Xitrix Computer Corporation
  • Zenith - admirable, presidio ,director, z-book
  • Zepto
  • Zyrex
  • Wipro Technologies
  • Zinox Technologies
  • Racunala KONCAR