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Jan 21, 2012
Comments Off on Google should fix 10 serious Android flaws

Google should fix 10 serious Android flaws

Summary: Google would have to take care of some serious Android flaws in order to retain its number one position. In this article, we will take you through some of the key points that would need improvement at the earliest.

Android is the number one smartphone operating system from Google; however the success is quite short-lived in the phone market. If you are an avid Android user, you would be aware of the fact that there are a lot of significant shortcomings in its system and these inadequacies need to be fixed to continue huge growth.

Here is a list of some of the top flaws that Android should be looking to fox in order to retain its top-dog status –

1. Android User Interface
2. Android Resource Management
3. Application Sandboxing
4. Sync Experience
5. Android Apps Marketplace
6. Content Partnerships
7. Android Patent Mess
8. Android Focus Factors
9. Android Support
10. Android Security Issues

Let us know in the comments section below, if you can think of some other major Android shortcomings.

Google Android OS

Nov 3, 2011
Comments Off on HP Reigns in the PC Market as Lenovo Heaves to #2 Spot

HP Reigns in the PC Market as Lenovo Heaves to #2 Spot

Synopsis: Market share and rankings of Lenovo and Apple surges. PC market data seems interesting as HP evaluates and calculates whether to rotate its personal systems business.

HP has been consistently stayed on the top in PC market share, whereas Lenovo sprung to #2 spot as it prolongs to gain more in a slow demand market, according to data made available by Gartner & IDC firms.

According to Gartner, PC sales were up by 3.2% from last year, in the third quarter of 2011. Gains are about 3.6% as per IDC analysis. The Q3 PC shipments were little bit on the up side from the Q2 of 2011.

As per Gartner report, HP had 17.7% global market share in the third quarter of 2011, whereas IDC places HP’s share at 18.1%. HP was dominating the U.S. PC market with 28.6% share followed by Dell at 21.9% and Apple at 11.3% as per IDC report.

To be precise and to the point, HP, Lenovo & Apple were at the top of the PC market showing the most growth. Lenovo got a jump in the market by collaborating with NEC. Gartner reports that Smartphones and Tablet PCs might have stolen some share from PC sales, however it’s still growing at decent pace. Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.


Sep 22, 2011
Comments Off on Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphones in 2011

Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphones in 2011

Takeaway: Here is a list of best 10 tried & tested Android Apps for your Smartphones, that will save you a lot of time without going through torrent of useless Apps.

Even though Android market isn’t jam-packed with Apps just like iPhone or iPad Apps store, however there are still enough Android Apps to be beleaguered, and the number continues to grow at fast pace. Here is my list of the most useful top 10 Android Apps for business professionals from the Android market to save you time and a lot hassle.

  • Google Voice: It is one of the best Android Apps ever. The application lets you ring multiple devices from the phone number provided by the Google Voice service keeping your smartphone number private. It also lets you access all your text messages and voice messages from the website.
  • Advanced Task Killer: One of my favorite Android Apps ever is Advanced Task Killer (ATK), and with a tap you can kill all your open applications to save battery life and enjoy efficient performance of your device. You can also schedule periodic intervals using ATK to ‘automatically’ kill all open Apps.
  • Dropbox: A cloud service to automatically sync files or folders between multiple computers. And, Android App broadens Dropbox services to network with other Apps to open various files (image files, PDFs and, or documents) in the folder.
  • Evernote: It’s the best Android App for taking notes once you get used to typing on virtual keyboard of smartphones or tablet PCs.
  • Taskos: It’s the easiest ‘to-do’ App available with easy and clean consumer friendly Android experience. The biggest plus-point of this Android Apps is voice recognition that lets you speak a task which is automatically turned into a to-do item. Great!
  • DroidAnalytics: Since there is no official Analytics App available from Google for Android & iPhone, the best one available for now is DroidAnalytics. Another good option is mAnalytics.
  • Documents To Go: The full version costs you about $15 for this App where you can create and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel files. The free version of this Android Apps only lets you read documents. Another good option is QuickOffice!
  • Google Docs: The only App you would ever need to work with Google Docs, including uploading and management of Microsoft Office files. Only problem with the App is that it doesn’t open any files within, and will use your web browser to display all such documents.
  • Tripit: The best Android Apps ever that can be used as your travel planner and to store your itineraries. With an awesome backend platform, Tripit will ‘automagically’ organize your trips from travel confirmation emails. It can also use gmail plugin to catch such confirmation mails and spin ‘em you’re your travel schedule.
  • Places: Another great App for you on the go to help you find places of your interest and shopping areas around the current location. Fetching Google Local’s business information, this Android App is quite precise in finding restaurants or medical services. Integrated with Google Maps, the App is way better than your GPS unit for accurate and reliable information.

Do let us know your thoughts about the compilation of top 10 Android Apps for your Smartphones in the comment section below…

Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphones