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Jan 29, 2012
Comments Off on Colored Android E-Book Reader by Toshiba

Colored Android E-Book Reader by Toshiba

Toshiba is following the foot-steps of Fujitsu, a Japanese electronics manufacturer in making and selling a colored e-book reader which is named as BookPlace DB50. It’s a 7-Inch tablet which will have direct access for e-readers to a huge inventory of T’s BookPlace store with 43,000 different magazines and e-books in Japanese language.

T’s BookPlace store is expected to increase the inventory of available e-book titles to over 100k plus by March, 2012 which will make it the largest book store in its regional market. It has been operational since the year 2010 in United States and well managed by Toshiba.

Toshiba BookPlace DB50

Toshiba has withheld most of the platform details of the device; however it is known to be based on immensely modified Android 2.3.4 and the special Linux version.

Here are the technical specifications of the BookPlace DB50 –

  • 7-inch color TFT LCD with 600×1,024 resolution and LED backlight (touchscreen)
  • Freescale i.MX535 CPU (1.0GHz)
  • 8GB memory
  • 1GM RAM
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • micro USB 2.0 slot, microSD slot
  • mono speaker (for MP3 playback)
  • 7.5 hours battery life
  • size: 190×120×11mm, weight: 330g

The e-book reader is expected to be priced at US $284 accompanied with a US $64 coupon which can be used to purchase different titles from the e-book store. Toshiba is looking at February 10, 2012 date to start selling BookPlace DB50 in the Japanese market.

Jan 20, 2012
Comments Off on What to Expect from Best Laptops of 2012

What to Expect from Best Laptops of 2012

Everything is in its best order for a gush in laptop sales in the year 2012, starting from lustrous Ultrabook designs to premeditated launch of Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft to extra-ordinary Intel chips.

You would know that Smartphones and Tablet PC are in huge demand, however do not forget laptops. There are some impressive ranges planned out for release in the year 2012 by the best laptop brands which are guaranteed to be lighter, thinner and faster along with longer-lasting battery life.

You might be out there in the market looking for a new laptop, or to upgrade your old one, however we’d advice you to stick with what you got for now and wait till some of the most awaited models are launched with the latest technology.

Here is something that you can expect in the year 2012 – Appealing Ultrabooks:

“Ultrabooks” is the newest ultraportable laptop brand trademarked by Intel for lightweight devices, sleek and slender in shape, are definitely worth the wait and sure to put the market on fire once introduced.

There are some 40 odd Ultrabook models to be announced this year with different technologies and functions. Some of the finest features would include certain security features specifically introduced by Intel, minimum battery life of 5 hours, less than 0.83 inches in thickness and restoring session back in less than 7 seconds out of hibernated mode.

Some of the popular Ultrabook models; the Acer Aspire S3, Asus Zenbook UX31E, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, and Toshiba Portege Z835 that are already available out there in the market that you should consider. The HP Folio 13 is another Ultrabook model is expected to be released soon. There are some of the most favorable brand names like Sony, Dell and Samsung missing from the Ultrabook laptops which are already out in the market; however you can expect them to launch their version of Ultrabook in the early 2012 sometime soon.

You can expect more from this category of laptops once the IVY BRIDGE, next generation CPU from Intel is released. You will see that the Ultrabook laptops become much more alluring and reasonably priced with the help of Ivy Bridge’s performance and power deployment.

You won’t believe us but you may also see the introduction of rotatable screens along with flip down (like a tablet pc) transformation of Ultrabooks by the current year end. The introduction of touch screen interfaces in an Ultrabook laptop along with Windows 8 operating system could make it much more desirable than previous models.

You will find second generation Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs in a laptop today which will be replaced by Ivy Bridge next year. The name of the platform today is Sandy Bridge. Ivy Bridge will replace Sandy Bridge with minor changes along with faster and better graphics architecture, and manufacturing process lowered to 22nm tri-gate.

You will notice that Ivy Bridge from Intel will consume less power with similar or much improved level of performance resulting in improved battery life. We arnt too sure about the performance of integrated graphics for game playing and video watching, however you can expect improved performance.

The Ivy Bridge chips are expected to be showcased at some of the best industry trade shows with its enhanced features and date of release. You can expect the actual product to be available sometime in and around April 2012, integrated in the best laptop models.

You can also expect a launch of most awaited Windows platform ever, since the launch of Windows 95, which is putting a lot of emphasis on offering great touch interface user experience without losing the charm of using a keyboard and mouse.

Let’s just sit back and wait for the most awaited launches and releases of the year 2012 for best laptops.

Jan 8, 2012
Comments Off on High Resolution Display Rumors for Apple iPad 3 Tablet

High Resolution Display Rumors for Apple iPad 3 Tablet

To electrify a lazy holiday news week there’s got to be a good rumor for iPad 3 that should be making rounds around the digital world. With some likely technical specifications Apple is rumored to launch another version of its popular tablet PC.

A report published by an electronics industry journal alleges that iPad maker is getting ready to introduce 2 new and exclusive versions of its ever popular tablet PC in January at the Macworld event which is now commonly known as iWorld. Macworld event was abandoned by Apple in the year 2009 and has taken over by iWorld. Rumor has been doing rounds around the internet world for last few months that Apple is going to introduce higher resolution iPad tablets on same size (9.7” screens of iPad & iPad 2) displays.

Well nothing is too unexpected with the introduction of high resolution displays; however the upcoming launch in January of these versions with different camera specifications by Apple is somewhat unbelievable at its best. Interestingly, you won’t find Apple on the iWorld’s exhibitor list and had previously parted ways from Macworld as the company didn’t want to showcase its products in electronics industry business expos anymore. Taking a u-turn from its previous decision would be quite intriguing for Apple.

Recent update regarding the rumors: Loop Insight’s Jim Dalrymple has received a tip from Apple insiders that iWorld event will have no iPad 3 launch. All these sources had no answer related to the device specifications, so we believe that the rumors of high resolution iPad 3 screen looks to be quite true and regular out there in the digital world.

Dec 13, 2011
Comments Off on Officially goes on sale – Toshiba 7″ Thrive tablet

Officially goes on sale – Toshiba 7″ Thrive tablet

The 7-inch Toshiba Thrive tablet officially went on sale on December 11th, just before you had wrapped up your holiday shopping spree.

Just as the rumors were ripe early December, you would be able to grab a hold of slate loaded with Honeycomb & a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for just under $400. Make sure to pick up the right tablet pc for yourself out of the 16GB and 32GB options available.

Toshiba Thrive is labeled as a “complete tablet experience – in the palm of your hand” in the marketing brochures.

As per Toshiba:

Stay entertained anywhere you go with Toshiba’s Thrive 7” tablet. This compact, light-weight tablet fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and delivers plenty of performance for games, movies, music, photos and more on a brilliant HD multi-touch screen. Powered by the latest Android technology, you will browse without limitation, multitask your way through your day, and enjoy latest Android Apps – all on a tablet that weighs less than a pound.

- AutoBrite LED Backlit Display with 1280x800 screen resolution

- Slim, lightweight and easy to carry

- Android 3.2, Honeycomb

- HD Cameras

- Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Mobile Processor

- 16GB and 32GB Internal Storage Options

Toshiba Thrive 7 Inch Tablet

Dec 3, 2011
Comments Off on Limited Time Price Drop for BlackBerry PlayBook by Research In Motion

Limited Time Price Drop for BlackBerry PlayBook by Research In Motion

Digest: Preceding rumors of RIM dropping the price tag of Blackberry PlayBook to $199 confirmed.

Research In Motion’s continually struggling PlayBook tablet pc got a much needed push this holiday season when we received a tweet from Blackberry’s official twitter account.

We received a confirmation today from RIM about the proposed price drop of the 16GB Blackberry PlayBook to $199 during this holiday season, for a limited time. The price drop is limited to certain retailers like Best Buy, Wireless Giant, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart.

Blackberry Playbook for $199

Considering the fact that Amazon Kindle Fire’s price range is its strongest positive aspect, the Playbook tablet will fall in the same price range as Kindle Fire and is kind of a big deal in the market. With the purchase worthy price, consumers might be tempted to buy Blackberry Playbook and RIM might as well be able to steal some of Amazon’s loyal customers.

However, the full $300 price drop since Blackberry Playbook’s launch this year is actually a bad news. We really hope that temporary price drop will help RIM cut down on some major losses associated with the tablet PC.

Nov 13, 2011
Comments Off on Top 10 Reasons Why Tablet PCs are better than Laptops

Top 10 Reasons Why Tablet PCs are better than Laptops

Summary: Here are the most popular 10 reasons behind business users switching from laptops to Tablet PC.

The gadget which is popularly known as laptop has been in the market for quite some time now, however it is more likely to be replaced by Tablet PCs as the main device for computing on the go. I along with quite a few others out there thought tablets were just a trick to help improve sales, but after using them I have drawn a conclusion that tablets are quite helpful and the best of technology to have come out so far.

Here are some of the important reasons why best of the laptops will be replaced by Tablet PCs as the mobile gadget of future.

1. Power Consumption: Tablets beat laptops in regard to power and battery consumption any given day.

2. Viruses: Hardly any viruses to be seen or detected on current tablet platforms, however Windows based laptops are congested with vulnerability.

3. Portability: Need to work online and you are in the bathroom; want to work in a cab? Tablet PC is your best bet. You can haul around with heavy laptop or a light-weight tablet, choice is yours!

4. Cost Effectiveness: Tablets are cheap and cost-effective office devices, and one of the best tablets will cost almost the same as low to mid range laptop.

5. Online Connection: Get a 4G connection on your tablet PC by paying an extra fee and you are always connected to the internet, much better than laptops.

6. Available Applications: There are hundreds and thousands of Android Tablet Apps available and you will hardly find any useful ones for laptop. This will definitely make it tough for you to switch back to laptops from tablets.

7. User Friendliness: Tablet PCs are way more simple, elegant and user-friendly than laptops or desktops to be honest.

8. Bluetooth Connectivity: Tablets make an easy Bluetooth connection with keyboards, headsets, headphones, microphones, speakers etc..

9. Efficiency: Tablets are instant-on while getting them out of hibernate or sleep mode whereas laptops takes ages. Writing a quick e-mail can be smooth and easy with tablets.

10. Social integration: Social networking is as easy as it can get with tablets, while you’re on the move with your co-workers, employees, peers, family etc. Android tablets are the best for Facebooking, Tweeting, and Tumbling.

Tablet PCExperts believe that tablets are here to stay, and with matter of time they will fully take over the laptop market as the main device for the mobile business users. Once you have acclimatized yourself out of using the keyboard phase, the Tablet PC is an amazing and out of the world tool for handy business usage.

Please do not hesitate to let us know of your thoughts in the comment section below.

Nov 3, 2011
Comments Off on HP Reigns in the PC Market as Lenovo Heaves to #2 Spot

HP Reigns in the PC Market as Lenovo Heaves to #2 Spot

Synopsis: Market share and rankings of Lenovo and Apple surges. PC market data seems interesting as HP evaluates and calculates whether to rotate its personal systems business.

HP has been consistently stayed on the top in PC market share, whereas Lenovo sprung to #2 spot as it prolongs to gain more in a slow demand market, according to data made available by Gartner & IDC firms.

According to Gartner, PC sales were up by 3.2% from last year, in the third quarter of 2011. Gains are about 3.6% as per IDC analysis. The Q3 PC shipments were little bit on the up side from the Q2 of 2011.

As per Gartner report, HP had 17.7% global market share in the third quarter of 2011, whereas IDC places HP’s share at 18.1%. HP was dominating the U.S. PC market with 28.6% share followed by Dell at 21.9% and Apple at 11.3% as per IDC report.

To be precise and to the point, HP, Lenovo & Apple were at the top of the PC market showing the most growth. Lenovo got a jump in the market by collaborating with NEC. Gartner reports that Smartphones and Tablet PCs might have stolen some share from PC sales, however it’s still growing at decent pace. Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.


Oct 21, 2011
Comments Off on Compact Enough Telstra T-Touch Tablet PC for $299

Compact Enough Telstra T-Touch Tablet PC for $299

When someone asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs last month about the future of upcoming Android tablets and whether they were a big threat to iPad's supremacy, he sounded quite confident while stating "7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad. These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablet PC are going to be dead on arrival."

After fiddling around with Telstra's T-Touch Tablet PC, I think I can very well co-relate to Steve Jobs biased statement. The Android tablet in question is launched by an Australian company; Telstra and has a display screen of 7-inch similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab, whereas Apple iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch screen display.

Apple iPad has an added advantage of bigger & better touch screen, along with an AppStore loaded with variety of Apps. T-Touch Tab would be using Android Apps.

In my personal opinion, I’d like to use small screen display smartphone any time over a tablet pc because I don’t think I’d like to carry another 7-inch device with me when I know my smartphone is capable of similar features and functionality.

Telstra’s use of resistive over a capacitive touch screen is another important reason holding me back from using T-Touch Tablet PC which is quite unlike Apple iPad and most touch screen smartphones out there. Even though the video rendering is crisp, pressing down hard on the T-Touch Tab to make it work is by far the least favorite function of the gadget. Even though the stylus is included with your T-Touch Tab that will make it easier for you to press the tablet touch screen, however technology looks quite primeval.

Telstra T-Touch Tab is priced at mere $299, which is quite ideal for tight-budgeted group of consumers to jump on the tablet pc bandwagon and avoid spending moolah on brands like Apple & Samsung.

Another positive feature of Telstra tablet pc is the fact that it’s built on a far more open Android 2.1 platform, unlike Samsung Galaxy Tab which uses Android 2.2 version. You can fully customize every homescreen and remove most of Telstra's bloatware. You can also use drag and drop feature to load media files via your personal computer.

Telstra T-Touch Tablet PCThe T-Touch Tab supports up to 32GB microSD memory card, however there is about 200MB of available built-in memory. There is no multi-touch support and fulfilling vibration feature while pressing the tablet screen.

The Telstra T-Touch Tab has a customized edition of the Android 2.1 user interface and all the home screens are divided into categories, accessible from menu bar below or by swiping left and right. The common categories are Home, Web, Entertainment, Communications and Favorites.

With home, menu and back buttons at the left-hand side and a handy trackpad on the right, I’m in love with the substantial look and design of the tablet. With a weight of just 500 grams, the T-Touch Tab is 230 grams lighter than the WiFi + 3G iPad 2. There are both front and rear facing cameras along with a flip-out stand at the back of the tablet which is helpful for watching videos.

As per my experience, most Android smartphones use USB port for charging the device, however the USB port of T-Touch Tab is used to connect to a PC and you will notice a separate charging port.

You can also use T-Touch Tab as a smartphone on speakerphone, for sending and receiving SMS messages. You will also get a Telstra Next G sim card along with your tablet. Tablets battery life is quite substandard with battery dying with 2 to 3 hours of fair use.

With so many negative points, the Telstra T-Touch Tab is no real threat to the Apple iPad 2, however competitive price point makes it an eye-catching entry-level Tablet PC. Let su know about your experience, if you happen to buy one!

Oct 17, 2011
Comments Off on Top 10 Industries that would Gain from Tablet PC Technology

Top 10 Industries that would Gain from Tablet PC Technology

The world of the tablet PC is a mesmerizing one. Experts believe that the introduced tablet technology is gravely overlooked.

Here is a list of top 10 industries & professions that would gain a whole lot from the introduced tablet PC technology.

  1. Information Technology
  2. Entertainment Industry
  3. Medical Industry
  4. Food Industry
  5. Education Industry
  6. Emergency Medical Technicians
  7. Retail Industry
  8. Support Technicians
  9. Travel Industry
  10. Mobile DJs

There are tons of other professions that could gain from tablet PC technology and have not been mentioned here. Can you think of some? Please let us know in the comments below.

Oct 10, 2011

Available in November, Indian Government Introduces $35 Tablet PC

Digest: The government of India has introduced much hyped $35 (INR 1750) tablet PC for educational institutions and students. The tablet named “Aakash” (Aakash is Hindi word for “Sky”) will be available for general public at retail stores for an estimated sale price of $60 (INR 3000) starting November 2011.

The Government of India has plans to design and develop low cost tablet computers. The global OLPC project (One Laptop per Child Association, Inc., the Miami-based organization behind OLPC) definitely looked promising, however could not secure enough ground as they were only able to attract few state governments to join the OLPC program.

Few months back, Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Human Resource Development in India projected a low cost tablet PC for students; however everyone looked cynical about it… a reliable $35 tablet PC? With everyone’s hopes not too high, initially the project ran into predicament with HCL pulling out of manufacturing a low cost computing device. The tablet PC is designed & developed by engineers of IIT Rajasthan and a prototype of device was showcased on national television.

Kapil Sibal, Union Minister from Government of India officially launched the tablet PC on 5th October, 2011 which is called “Aakash” and is manufactured at Hyderabad facility of DataWind, a British company.

Aakash Tablet PC

Here are device specs for the Aakash UbiSlate 7:


- 7” Resistive touch screen (800×480)

- Processor: 366 Mhz with Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor

- Memory (RAM): 256MB RAM

- Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash

- MicroSD card slot

- 1 USB port

- 3.5mm Audio in & out

- WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g

- Upto 180 minutes on battery


- Android 2.2 Froyo

- Document formats supported: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP

- PDF viewer, Text editor

- Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA

- Supported video formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV

The specifics of the program introduced by Government of India are:

- 500 students were handed the tablet on launch

- 100,000 more devices will be procured as part of the pilot

- 10 Million tablets at a per unit of price $36.6 to be purchased (via MediaNama)

- Seamless connectivity to provide Internet connection on the devices for institutes was talked about.

The government hopes to connect 416 universities and 20,000 colleges using BSNL as the service provider. The government claims 80% of the target connectivity has been achieved.

The government of India has sketched details around content creation meant for the tablet PCs use in education. Some of the guidelines to be followed are:

- It should be related to education delivery

- It should involve faculty from different institutions

- All IP (Intellectual Property) created under projects funded by this Mission will vest with MHRD

- All content should be created using open-source software

- All content created under this Mission is for open access by all and cannot be charged for in any way

The Aakash tablet PC will commercially be available starting November 2011 in retail stores around India at the estimated sale price of $60.

The device will officially be called “DataWind Ubislate” in the retail sector.