Sep 16, 2011
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Coming Soon: Archos G9 Tablets with 250 GB Hard Drives

We are finally getting some more details about the G9 series tablet PCs from Archos. One is going to be an 8” 80 G9 tablet and the second one is going to be a 10” 101 G9 tablet PC.

With an upgradable hard drive of up to 250 GB, G9 series tablets are scheduled to be launched on the 30th September, 2011. The 8” G9 tablet comes with 1GHz & 1.5 GHZ dual-core processors, whereas the 10” tablet comes with only 1.5GHZ processor. Other features include 3G with the 3G stick from Archos, Android 3.2 OS and HDMI port.

We know the biggest concern regarding these G9 tablets will be of their regular and laptop like hard drives which will obviously increase the weight and size of the tablet PCs. And not to forget, these old spinning disc-based hard drives will impact battery life negatively and will breed an unfavorable tablet for the consumers.

Archos G9 Tablet PC

Apart from hard drive concerns, the Archos G9 tablets look like an excellent deal with 8” device starting at $299 and 10” at $399 with upgrade options. FYI, G9 tablets can be pre-ordered from the 20th of September, 2011.

Will you be getting your hands on one of these Archos tablets? Let us know, if and when you do!

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