Oct 21, 2011
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Compact Enough Telstra T-Touch Tablet PC for $299

When someone asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs last month about the future of upcoming Android tablets and whether they were a big threat to iPad's supremacy, he sounded quite confident while stating "7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad. These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablet PC are going to be dead on arrival."

After fiddling around with Telstra's T-Touch Tablet PC, I think I can very well co-relate to Steve Jobs biased statement. The Android tablet in question is launched by an Australian company; Telstra and has a display screen of 7-inch similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab, whereas Apple iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch screen display.

Apple iPad has an added advantage of bigger & better touch screen, along with an AppStore loaded with variety of Apps. T-Touch Tab would be using Android Apps.

In my personal opinion, I’d like to use small screen display smartphone any time over a tablet pc because I don’t think I’d like to carry another 7-inch device with me when I know my smartphone is capable of similar features and functionality.

Telstra’s use of resistive over a capacitive touch screen is another important reason holding me back from using T-Touch Tablet PC which is quite unlike Apple iPad and most touch screen smartphones out there. Even though the video rendering is crisp, pressing down hard on the T-Touch Tab to make it work is by far the least favorite function of the gadget. Even though the stylus is included with your T-Touch Tab that will make it easier for you to press the tablet touch screen, however technology looks quite primeval.

Telstra T-Touch Tab is priced at mere $299, which is quite ideal for tight-budgeted group of consumers to jump on the tablet pc bandwagon and avoid spending moolah on brands like Apple & Samsung.

Another positive feature of Telstra tablet pc is the fact that it’s built on a far more open Android 2.1 platform, unlike Samsung Galaxy Tab which uses Android 2.2 version. You can fully customize every homescreen and remove most of Telstra's bloatware. You can also use drag and drop feature to load media files via your personal computer.

Telstra T-Touch Tablet PCThe T-Touch Tab supports up to 32GB microSD memory card, however there is about 200MB of available built-in memory. There is no multi-touch support and fulfilling vibration feature while pressing the tablet screen.

The Telstra T-Touch Tab has a customized edition of the Android 2.1 user interface and all the home screens are divided into categories, accessible from menu bar below or by swiping left and right. The common categories are Home, Web, Entertainment, Communications and Favorites.

With home, menu and back buttons at the left-hand side and a handy trackpad on the right, I’m in love with the substantial look and design of the tablet. With a weight of just 500 grams, the T-Touch Tab is 230 grams lighter than the WiFi + 3G iPad 2. There are both front and rear facing cameras along with a flip-out stand at the back of the tablet which is helpful for watching videos.

As per my experience, most Android smartphones use USB port for charging the device, however the USB port of T-Touch Tab is used to connect to a PC and you will notice a separate charging port.

You can also use T-Touch Tab as a smartphone on speakerphone, for sending and receiving SMS messages. You will also get a Telstra Next G sim card along with your tablet. Tablets battery life is quite substandard with battery dying with 2 to 3 hours of fair use.

With so many negative points, the Telstra T-Touch Tab is no real threat to the Apple iPad 2, however competitive price point makes it an eye-catching entry-level Tablet PC. Let su know about your experience, if you happen to buy one!

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