Sep 19, 2011
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HD Widgets: Useful App for Honeycomb Android Tablets

Takeaway: This Android Apps (HD Widgets) will install a series of widgets on your Honeycomb tablets home screen, which will add useful features and graceful look.

Serving variety of functions, Android has the ability to add good-looking high-definition widgets to the tablet PC. There are not many Android Apps created for Honeycomb tablets, however most of them work quite well with the operating system. HD Widgets app works like a charm and is only available for tablet PCs.

HD Widgets adds quite a few widgets to fit any screen-size on tablet home-screen in different shapes. It is a high-definition Android app for weather and clock widgets, and easily configurable as per your preferences. HD Widgets can replace forecast strip on the tablet home-screen with a handy bar to provide easy-access of Wi-FI option, screen brightness, Bluetooth and flight-mode.

The Android App is available for only Honeycomb tablets and priced at $1.99 per tablet installation. You can also have multiple configurations of the HD Widgets installed on the tablet home-screen.

HD Widgets for Honeycomb Android tablets HD Widgets for Honeycomb Android tablet PCs

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