Jan 8, 2012
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High Resolution Display Rumors for Apple iPad 3 Tablet

To electrify a lazy holiday news week there’s got to be a good rumor for iPad 3 that should be making rounds around the digital world. With some likely technical specifications Apple is rumored to launch another version of its popular tablet PC.

A report published by an electronics industry journal alleges that iPad maker is getting ready to introduce 2 new and exclusive versions of its ever popular tablet PC in January at the Macworld event which is now commonly known as iWorld. Macworld event was abandoned by Apple in the year 2009 and has taken over by iWorld. Rumor has been doing rounds around the internet world for last few months that Apple is going to introduce higher resolution iPad tablets on same size (9.7” screens of iPad & iPad 2) displays.

Well nothing is too unexpected with the introduction of high resolution displays; however the upcoming launch in January of these versions with different camera specifications by Apple is somewhat unbelievable at its best. Interestingly, you won’t find Apple on the iWorld’s exhibitor list and had previously parted ways from Macworld as the company didn’t want to showcase its products in electronics industry business expos anymore. Taking a u-turn from its previous decision would be quite intriguing for Apple.

Recent update regarding the rumors: Loop Insight’s Jim Dalrymple has received a tip from Apple insiders that iWorld event will have no iPad 3 launch. All these sources had no answer related to the device specifications, so we believe that the rumors of high resolution iPad 3 screen looks to be quite true and regular out there in the digital world.

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