Aug 1, 2011

Introducing “Macbook Wheel” new Apple Laptop without Keyboard

Apple MacBook WheelThe "MacBook Wheel" is a brand new revolution without keyboard from Apple and currently the best laptop which has internet buzzing from last few months.

You’ll have to get used to prospect of laptop computers soon and say bye-bye to the laptops with keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard and mouse was replaced by Apple with a smooth touch-sensitive wheel. The Apple MacBook Wheel is a parody news video and story published by the staff over at Onion News Network. The ONN also showed everyone in a video how the new laptop looks and works.

The video has ONN news correspondent speaking with someone from Apple who has been filmed saying that everything is just a few hundred clicks away. It also shows that everyone would have to do away with keyboard with this MacBook Wheel laptop from Apple.


  • i love this laptop so much. NO KEYBOARD

  • great invention… love this laptop… my entire family has them and it only cost 10,000 and it so worth it