Jun 26, 2011
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Is there One Word to Describe a Packard Bell Laptop?

If there is, the word would be “great” … or “affordable” … or “sleek” … perhaps “stylish” … even “practical” and “reliable.” The truth is that Packard Bell, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acer Corporation, knows how to make superior Laptops.

The Packard Bell laptop that is currently finding its way into lots of offices, homes and dormitories throughout Europe is the Easy Note TJ75, the signature laptop/notebook for which Packard Bell is currently best known.

Packard Bell EasyNote TJ75What exactly makes this specific laptop – the Easy Note TJ75 – so special that it is helping the company that manufactures it, Packard Bell, to register significant sales … and profits? To begin, the Easy Note TJ75 costs about 100 Euros less than laptops recognized to be its direct competitors – the Sony VAIO and a similar offering from Samsung.

Price alone, however, is not the only reason why the Easy Note TJ 75 is popular with consumers and why Packard Bell has become a ”major player” in the European marketplace … in America, as well. Here are some additional reasons …

  • The Easy Note TJ 75 is Simple and Practical … two features that also make it desirable because it travels easily and is simple to use, as well. Add to that the fact that this laptop/notebook is sleek and lightweight and you can easily understand its popularity.
  • Ideal for College Students … because this laptop/notebook was built for “doing homework while lying prone across a bed.” It’s stable … rock-solid … built for young people who work everywhere but at a desk.
  • Perfect for Businessmen and Women, too … why – because it travels well and it’s packed with useful business and non-business applications.
  • Includes the “apps” people love – countless movies and games. Think about it. This Packard Bell Easy Note TJ75 is remarkably versatile – just perfect for business use … for word processing … for standard laptop functions (receiving and sending e-mails) … and for playing all of the latest games … and watching great movies, up close and personal.
  • Two great “extras” … a superb keyboard and touch pad. Frequently, laptops/notebooks, because they are portable, provide their owners with keyboard and touch pads that are, at best, a bit flimsy and often subject be extreme “wear and tear.” That’s not the case with Packard Bell’s Easy Note TJ 75. The keyboard and touch pad are both well-designed and surprisingly sturdy – built to last as long as the laptop itself.

Now, it goes almost without saying that there are many, many other outstanding manufacturers producing quality laptops/notebooks in the United States, in Europe and elsewhere around the world. Some of these manufacturers are well-known and their products may be as good as, or better, than Packard Bell’s Easy Note TJ 75. Who cares?

If you want – make that if you crave – a first-rate at a budget-friendly price, a sleek, trim, truly portable laptop that is packed with great applications, you owe it to yourself you take a long, hard look at the Packard Bell Easy Note TJ 75.

You won’t be disappointed. In truth, you may be pleasantly surprised with this laptop.

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