Aug 7, 2011

Olivetti Laptops … the name stands for Best Quality and Performance

Olivetti is a world-famous Italian brand name of top-of-the-line business laptops with a successful industry history that traces back at least fifty years … probably longer.

In the 1960s, Olivetti appeared in the American marketplace and became well-known brand for its sleek, trim and well-constructed adding machines and calculators. The company’s products were highly coveted and sold well in the United States, in Italy and virtually everywhere else around the globe.

But, in the 21st century, adding machines are no longer a mainstay product. As is true for so many other companies, Olivetti has made a successful transition from adding machines to computers … especially as a laptop brand.

Olivetti Olibook S1300In fact, Olivetti’s Olibook S1300 is one of the best undiscovered laptop available to consumers online and at retail stores around the country. The Olibook 1300 is special for a number of reasons. Consider:

Olivetti’s Olibook 1300 was designed and crafted specifically for businessmen and women and other professionals. The laptop features a large screen with exceptional graphics yet is extremely lightweight and portable.

In truth, this laptop is incredibly spick and span … and easy to take-along wherever you go. But, that’s just one of its exceptional features. The Olivetti Olibook 1300 is packed with lots and lots of useful applications.

As I’ve already noted, this Olivetti laptop was created to help business people work efficiently and effectively when away from the office. As such, it features an easy-to-use ergonomic keypad that will enable a user to work hour after hour – online – without exhausting.

This laptop also includes one of the most powerful Intel Processors, a fact that makes it useful for all sorts of projects and applications. Want more good news? The Olivetti Olibook 1300 also includes CD and DVD burners and has 4 USB ports.

Clearly, this is an exceptional electronic machine … ideally-suited for business and professional uses. Of course, it’s priced a bit higher than some competing laptop brands simply because it has been crafted for the world of business. However, you are likely to find that the price for this electronic marvel is still somewhat budget-friendly.

Does the fact that this laptop was designed to meet business and professional needs mean it’s not good for ordinary consumers and college students? The answer to that question is no. If you’re a consumer or a student and you’re willing to increase your budget – modestly, of course – than this Olivetti Olibook 1300 laptop may be the right option for you.

Remember: it’s sleek, trim and powerful, has superior graphics, a large screen and a comfortable, ergonomic keypad – all factors that you are likely to want when you shop for a laptop. Better still, you can easily add games or web applications to make your use of this laptop fun.

So … if you’re planning to purchase a new laptop in the near future, or if you’ve already begun to shop for one, consider taking a long, close look at the Olivetti Olibook 1300.

It’s a quality product and one of the best laptop from a company with a long and successful history … it’s rugged and reliable … and it has been built to serve you well.

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  • I’m in Australia. How do i get my hands on one of these please?