Aug 31, 2011

Apple sues for Galaxy Tab patent, Samsung fires back in Australia

Samsung’s legal battle with Apple heats up over the potential patent violations by its upcoming tablet pc “the Galaxy Tab”, with Barrister David Catterns revealing a countersue plan to take Apple down in Australia.

In front of Justice Annabelle Bennett, Barrister Catterns stated “Our counter claim will include a cross claim of infringement for a number of Samsung patents that have been infringed by Apple's iPad & iPhone.

Samsung was earlier sued by Apple, after later [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 30, 2011

Amazon Tablet is Next to Compete with Apple iPad

Amazon hasn’t really announced the dates of launching their Android tablet, however analysts of The Wall Street Journal are speculating the launch date to be somewhere in and around October, 2011.  If we go with the speculative launch dates, Amazon will have only 3 months in hand to make their mark in the tablet market as experts are anticipating the latest entrant to sell close to 5 million tablet pc’s in Q4 of the [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 28, 2011
Comments Off on What is an Apple iPad; A Tablet, a PC or Anything Else?

What is an Apple iPad; A Tablet, a PC or Anything Else?

Earlier, computing was basically limited to a common computer, that’s before the introduction of personal computers or PCs and there were no tablet market in existence. You had to wait in a queue, sign up and reserve a spot for yourself for the system etc. These equipment's were mainly an institutional occurrence and shared for the reason of high production costs.

The history is quite well known in the case of personal computing with IBM PC's taking [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 23, 2011
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The Motorola Xoom Android 3 Tablet Review

We’ve used and reviewed half a dozen Android tablets earlier; however, none has stood upto the class of the iPad. Read our review of Motorola’s latest tablet; Xoom which arrives with Google's Android 3 aka Honeycomb OS specifically making this one an Android tablet.

Motorola Xoom is a fine-looking product. The back is typically dressed in grey aluminum metal, crested with a tough rubber strip accommodating a camera with 5-megapixels, stereo speakers, a dual-LED flash [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 19, 2011

Tablet PC Buying Guide: Android, Samsung, Windows…

There seems to be a brand new tablet pc announced every month, as manufacturers run to take advantage of publicity showered on the Apple iPad 2. Since we couldn’t keep track of every tablet laptop launched, we've gathered a list and overview of the tablet market.

Apple iPad: By selling million plus iPad’s within first few weeks of the launch, Apple iPad has proved its supremacy in the world of tablet pc. Of course, the [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 17, 2011
Comments Off on 6 Best Slim and Light-Weight Laptops of 2011

6 Best Slim and Light-Weight Laptops of 2011

This extraordinarily defined series of best laptops has been set aside for “13 inch laptops” that are accurate fusion for always on the run businessmen, office types and not to forget, students. Light-weight and slim laptops strike the right chords of performance and portability, with some of the best features. You should know that you might have to pay a premium for performance; however, if you trust our judgment and review, 13 inch laptops [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 12, 2011
Comments Off on Zenith … the Pioneer in Best Laptops

Zenith … the Pioneer in Best Laptops

It was way, way back in 1985 when innovative Zenith Corporation pioneered one of the earliest lightweight and portable computers … something they called a laptop.

Their original design – for the Z171 – was known as a “lunchbox” portable. It was trim, surprisingly sleek and incredibly lightweight … especially for that era more than twenty-five years ago.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Zenith introduced that first laptop and today there [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 11, 2011

Top 10 Laptops in July 2011

The following list of top 10 laptops during the month of July, 2011 are the products which have received the most interest from visitors on the PC & Tech Authority site and the best laptops are ranked according to their site traffic. Please note that these ranks are not based on any laptop reviews published across the internet.

Motorola Xoom: The Motorola Xoom tablet has a super-powerful dual-core processor and Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) - the [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 10, 2011
Comments Off on Phillips Laptops … from one of the Best TV and Audio Equipment Company

Phillips Laptops … from one of the Best TV and Audio Equipment Company

Phillips is one of the world’s largest producers of TV and audio equipment for both the American and international marketplace. Their products are superior and can be found in millions and millions of homes.

So it should come as no surprise that this world-famous manufacturer of top-quality consumer electronic products has made a decision to enter the world of computer laptops. In fact, Phillips did so in the not too distant past. And, as might [...] Continue Reading...

Aug 8, 2011
Comments Off on Samsung Laptops … Elegant, Sophisticated … and very Powerful

Samsung Laptops … Elegant, Sophisticated … and very Powerful

If you’re a laptops consumer, you’re familiar with the best name Samsung. It represents a Korean manufacturer of top-quality electronic products – TVs … radios … musical equipment … and so much more. In fact:

Samsung enjoys a significant share of the global consumer market for its broad range of electronic products. And, because of the quality it builds into each product, Samsung deserves the business it receives. The truth is simple: Samsung has earned its popularity and [...] Continue Reading...