Aug 10, 2011
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Phillips Laptops … from one of the Best TV and Audio Equipment Company

Phillips is one of the world’s largest producers of TV and audio equipment for both the American and international marketplace. Their products are superior and can be found in millions and millions of homes.

So it should come as no surprise that this world-famous manufacturer of top-quality consumer electronic products has made a decision to enter the world of computer laptops. In fact, Phillips did so in the not too distant past. And, as might be expected, their entry into this product category has been well-received for the most part.

However, Phillips laptops have not set the world on fire. Consider that a fair and reasonable assessment. Their laptop models, while good, are far from perfect. That said, there are many reasons why you can – and should – consider – purchasing a Phillips X200 laptop. To begin:

Phillips X200 LaptopThe Phillips X200 laptop is extremely budget-friendly. That means it stacks up well, price-wise, against similar models offered by its competitors. Moreover, Phillips is a name you can trust. It’s quite likely that you already have some of the company’s excellent consumer electronic products in your home. So, if you can trust Phillips for its TVs or audio equipment, you can also trust them for the new laptops they have made available, as well.

Here’s something else you need to know. The Phillips X200 has been designed for non-business use. That makes it ideal for college kids and younger students, too, as well as ordinary consumers. The Phillips laptop offers lots of positives: it is extremely lightweight and, as a result, incredibly portable. And it is so much more …

In fact, the Phillips X200 is strikingly attractive … remarkably powerful … and features a crystal-clear screen and superior graphics. But, is it perfect? Is it a “must-have” laptop that you need to own right away? The simple answer is no because this Phillips laptop also has some very real flaws. For example:

The Phillips X200 laptop is saddled with only two USB ports (many of its competitors have 4 ports) … it provides disappointingly poor game performance (a real “no-no” for younger consumers) … and its battery life is shockingly short. Those are lots of negatives and may turn off some potential buyers … possibly you, as well.

And yet, before you decide that the Phillips X200 laptop is not for you, remember its positives. It is remarkably affordable, priced lower than many competitive laptop brands. It is ultra lightweight … very easy to take with you – wherever you go. It sports the world-famous Phillips name, a logo that stands for best quality, reliability and integrity.

And this laptop, as is true for all Phillips models, looks great. Its sleek, trim appearance makes it both portable and very stylish. You will always feel good being seen in public with it under your arm.

Now, if you’re in the market for a new laptop, here’s what you should do right now. Go online, perform some search and read some laptop reviews. Learn everything you can about it. Then, decide if it’s the right laptop for you.

If you decide that it is, start your Phillips laptop shopping spree today.

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