Jul 14, 2011
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The Best Laptops … The Choices are Endless

Samsung Series 9 NP900x3aComputers are big, big business. Most consumers have a desktop pc or one of the best laptop's, a portable pc they take with them wherever they go. No surprises in that statement.

And it should come as no surprise that, because most people have a desktop computer or a laptop, the list of brands available for purchase is seemingly without end. Yes … there are dozens and dozens of manufacturers, some much better known than others but, nevertheless all of whom have a chance to impact the marketplace.

That’s just the way it is with electronic products for consumers. Technology advances so rapidly, sales explode – the revenue possibilities are enormous – that every company wants to participate in the financial windfall.

But, because there are so many manufacturers, every company doesn’t enjoy the “same share of market.” That may be obvious, but it still needs to be said.

The biggest manufacturers, American and Japanese, enjoy the greatest name recognition and, as a result, the largest market shares. You’ll know some, perhaps all, of the following names. Consider these companies … they’re the industry giants: Acer … Hewlett-Packard… Dell … Compaq … Panasonic … Gateway… Sony – the list goes on and on and on.

The computers these companies produce sell in great numbers because the companies have earned consumer trust. So, it’s no surprise that the HP Pavilion … the Dell Inspiron … the Compaq Presario … the Acer TravelNote … among many others, absorb the lion’s share of the American consumer marketplace. These computers outsell all others, generally as a result of the manufacturer’s reputation, but also as a result of “word of mouth.” People that buy them like them.

Now, you may be asking yourself how lesser-known companies survive in this ferocious and highly-competitive environment? How do they earn enough of a market share? Actually, it’s not easy, but the truth is that the market for computers is so large and extensive that there is enough revenue available … even for the smallest manufacturers.

That’s why companies such as Packard Bell … Fujitsu … Samsung … Toshiba … Phillips … Olivetti … and many, many others – companies known for “other types” of electronic products – are able to carve out a niche for themselves … build a consistent revenue stream … and actually prosper as computer manufacturers.

If you’re n the market and actively considering the purchase of a laptop, for example, you need to ask yourself this question: do I want to pay a premium for a laptop manufactured by a top-of-the-line and highly-reputable company … or should I take a chance on buying a laptop for much less money form a company about which I know little if anything?

It’s a tough question. And if it’s a real concern, you can go online and Google information about any lesser-known laptop/notebook manufacturer. You’re sure to find out some interesting information about the company whose product you’ve targeted for purchase, including reviews from previous customers.

Armed with that information, you can make the correct decision. And you are certain to buy a laptop that serves you well.

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