Nov 13, 2011
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Top 10 Reasons Why Tablet PCs are better than Laptops

Summary: Here are the most popular 10 reasons behind business users switching from laptops to Tablet PC.

The gadget which is popularly known as laptop has been in the market for quite some time now, however it is more likely to be replaced by Tablet PCs as the main device for computing on the go. I along with quite a few others out there thought tablets were just a trick to help improve sales, but after using them I have drawn a conclusion that tablets are quite helpful and the best of technology to have come out so far.

Here are some of the important reasons why best of the laptops will be replaced by Tablet PCs as the mobile gadget of future.

1. Power Consumption: Tablets beat laptops in regard to power and battery consumption any given day.

2. Viruses: Hardly any viruses to be seen or detected on current tablet platforms, however Windows based laptops are congested with vulnerability.

3. Portability: Need to work online and you are in the bathroom; want to work in a cab? Tablet PC is your best bet. You can haul around with heavy laptop or a light-weight tablet, choice is yours!

4. Cost Effectiveness: Tablets are cheap and cost-effective office devices, and one of the best tablets will cost almost the same as low to mid range laptop.

5. Online Connection: Get a 4G connection on your tablet PC by paying an extra fee and you are always connected to the internet, much better than laptops.

6. Available Applications: There are hundreds and thousands of Android Tablet Apps available and you will hardly find any useful ones for laptop. This will definitely make it tough for you to switch back to laptops from tablets.

7. User Friendliness: Tablet PCs are way more simple, elegant and user-friendly than laptops or desktops to be honest.

8. Bluetooth Connectivity: Tablets make an easy Bluetooth connection with keyboards, headsets, headphones, microphones, speakers etc..

9. Efficiency: Tablets are instant-on while getting them out of hibernate or sleep mode whereas laptops takes ages. Writing a quick e-mail can be smooth and easy with tablets.

10. Social integration: Social networking is as easy as it can get with tablets, while you’re on the move with your co-workers, employees, peers, family etc. Android tablets are the best for Facebooking, Tweeting, and Tumbling.

Tablet PCExperts believe that tablets are here to stay, and with matter of time they will fully take over the laptop market as the main device for the mobile business users. Once you have acclimatized yourself out of using the keyboard phase, the Tablet PC is an amazing and out of the world tool for handy business usage.

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