Sep 7, 2011

Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2011

Synopsis: Whilst tablet PCs are the most sought after devices, you have too many choices to pick and choose from at the moment. Check out our list of the hottest, top 10 tablet PCs of the year 2011.

Tablet PCs are the recent gold mine of tech industry. Now everyone in the market are looking to get a piece of this gold rush with Apple projected to sell atleast 45 million iPad 2 tablet’s in 2011 and have already sold about 15 million initial version devices in the year 2010. From small-time players to largest computer manufacturers chiming in with their own version of tablet PCs, competition is likely to augment in near future.

It isn’t easy to pick and choose from wide range of available tablets, however here is our list of top 10 tablet PCs of 2011 that might make it a bit easier for you to get your hands on one of the substitute of best laptops out there in the market.

1. Apple iPad 2 – With features like; extended battery life, easy-to-use-touch, effortless usability, a store loaded with iPad apps, and a well thought-of price range gives iPad 2 an authoritative lead to retain number ONE spot in the tablet market. Even though Apple hasn’t made any revolutionary changes to its newest version, every competitor has had a tough time offering similar like experience to the tablet consumers. Apple iPad 2 is quite a refinement from the previous version with an upgraded processor, sleek and slender look, two cameras and a quality screen display. Did we mention that it’s also one of the most quality devices for business usage? Hands down, the BEST tablet PC out there!

2. Amazon Tablet – Yes, yes, we know Amazon hasn’t made any official announcement regarding this one, however we have been informed that they have been doing everything right to bring its Android based tablet PC in the market soon. With its strong foot-hold in the content and cloud computing business along with an Android AppStore, Amazon might be the best suited competitor for Apple iPad 2 than any other tablet manufacturers.

Looking at Amazon’s invincible reputation in the ecommerce industry, its tablet is being considered as a formidable market player. We foretell that its in-expensive price range, design and usability experience will be key features to draw attention.

If you are looking to purchase an Android based tablet PC in next month or so, listen to us and hold on to those $300 (sale-price is tentative) until Amazon launches this one. For now, we grant number 2 spot to Amazon tablet on our top 10 list!

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Labeled as the first real competitor of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab was initially launched as a 7” Android tablet with an expensive price tag of about $600 and couldn’t fair-well. Its second attempt with a 10-inch display is a lot more persuasive and looks marvelous.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is light, slender, and still looks powerful. There are all the specifications (like dual cameras, great screen, a dual-core NVIDIA processor and long battery life) you would anticipate in a high-end tablet PC. The only possible drawback in this tablet is Android Honeycomb software with the Samsung Touchwiz UX. However, Samsung is trying to make Galaxy Tab’s a lot more business friendly and can be operated on 4G LTE Verizon network.

4. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer — Asus has focused on providing enhanced content creation ability and offering more choices in their tablet PCs, the two main parts where they think Apple iPad is quite week. 10” tablet with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core CPU, Eee Pad Transformer runs on Android 3.0.

This tablet PC has an extended battery life of up to 16 hours, with an optional keyboard dock. The Eee Pad Transformer is an Android tablet more like a laptop, and the best part about it is, “Price is Just Right @ $399!”

No wonder it was sold out on the first day in the United States online tablet market.

5. Barnes & Noble Nook Color — With an efficient 2.2 version of Android and its own app-store, Nook Color e-reader from Barnes & Noble unquestionably turned into a feasible tablet PC. The 7” tablet can’t really run complete Android market app-store and also doesn’t have that easy-going UI; however I don’t think we can ignore its sleek look and in-expensive price of $249.

Oh and if you are technically quite sound, you have a chock-full option of hacking into this Android tablet.

6. HP TouchPad — Yes, we know HP has killed this one, but I strongly feel that TouchPad had potential to be at one of the top 3 spots in our top 10 tablet PC list. It’s a perfect 16 GB tablet that one can buy for $100 and 32 Gb for mere $150. TouchPad doesn’t satisfy your media and entertainment needs; however let me assure you that it beats iPad in case of web browsing and productivity features all hands down.

7. Acer Iconia Tab A500 — Take our words, you are going to get technology equipped tablet PC at an affordable price, even though Acer isn’t quite known for innovative designs. A 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet is what you get from Acer with 1GB of RAM, Tegra2 dual-core processor, 2 cameras on both sides, and a price range starting from $449.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 has nothing extravagant; however you get enough features and hardware for the money spent.

8. HTC Flyer — Known as the power-house of Android eco-system, this spring HTC launched a 7” Flyer tablet with 1.0 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz CPU, 32GB storage and specially designed version of the HTC Sense UI for tablets. Even though HTC Flyer runs on Android 2.2, it has by far the best UI in the form of HTC Sense with a stylus and digital ink technology features.

Unfortunately, the Flyer looks like an oversized smart-phone and hardware leaves a lot to be desired with thick in shape and uncomfortable to hold.

9. BlackBerry PlayBook — It’s a perfect device for businesses who are already committed to Blackberry services. The PlayBook is a 7” tablet PC and hardware performance is quite impressive. Inclusion of Flash makes it one of the best web browsing tablets, even though the 7” screen is a negative aspect for trying to read from most web sites.

10. Motorola Xoom — Google chose Motorola as its official partner for the Android 3.0 tablet and was named as Motorola Xoom. It’s a 10” wide-screen tablet with drool-including tech specifications at an in-expensive price tag of $799. You can also buy Wi-Fi version of Xoom for about $439 from Amazon.

Even though weighty and bulky it’s still the most powerful Android tablet on the market.

Which tablet PC would you pick and choose?


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