Aug 28, 2011
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What is an Apple iPad; A Tablet, a PC or Anything Else?

Earlier, computing was basically limited to a common computer, that’s before the introduction of personal computers or PCs and there were no tablet market in existence. You had to wait in a queue, sign up and reserve a spot for yourself for the system etc. These equipment's were mainly an institutional occurrence and shared for the reason of high production costs.

The history is quite well known in the case of personal computing with IBM PC's taking on the world by blizzard, was successfully overturned by experts, and the x86 based personal computer came into way of life as the de facto PC.

Sit back, relax and ask yourself, “If Apple iPad 2 is part of the personal computers family?” “Is it first in the market to wholly implement a tablet PC approach? Please let us know your comments and do consider new Android tablets (the Samsung Galaxy Tab & Motorola Xoom) while sharing your review…

Our take on Apple iPad as tablet PC

The personal computers existence was a bond of a new cost-effective computing structural design with custom-made computing software values intended to be placed in the hands of general public. The personalized character of this uprising cannot be stressed more.

Apple iPad 2 Tablet PCI view tablet PC as a face of technical progress sculpted after the Microcomputer. In perception after the fact, I would say that the iMac and TRS-80 MC-10 are personal computers. However, most would disagree with the notion that the iMac is an Apple microcomputer and TRS-80 is a microcomputer in itself. I would respond to those notions by saying that a tablet PC is all about utilizing essential computing power with the help of different software applications in a public setting.

Since PC stands for Personal Computer, I strongly believe that an Apple iPad can be called a personal computing gadget or a tablet PC.

In my point of view, I see Apple iPad as a noteworthy spot in development of personal “mobile” computing, where the tablet PC is packaged as a combination of technologies. I would also like to stress that, I do consider tablet in the same layer as laptop computers, in terms of anticipated utilization. And of course in next 10-15 years, we are going to be looking at today’s laptop computers as traditional items with tablet based technology taking over the world tablet PC market.

In my opinion, Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab are all personal computers. The inner technical composition and outer structure of tablet PC appears much similar to a personal computer with a similar software gamut, better known as tablet apps or applications.

With tablet PC getting popular, a lot of other things have gained market attention such as wireless mouse and keyboards, instant-on, gesture etc to point a few. The tablet PCs are all laced with these accessories; however all of these originated in the past in personal computing devices.

Some of the common arguments from people who feel that tablet PCs are not same as personal computers are known to be that they have anticipatory multitasking and require real keyboards to operate. Some also say that PCs require an open working atmosphere and structural design. However, let me make it clear that initial PCs couldn’t multitask at all. And who said that a real keyboard is somehow different from a wireless or virtual keyboard...

At the end, I will conclude by saying that I see siblings of different age when I place my Macbook Pro next to my Apple iPad 2. They both originated from the so called father “Personal Computer” also known as “PC”, and both echo hereditary genes. In due course, one of the products will stand out as winner, and other will depart this life. Or to be blatantly straight-forward, the tablet PC will be the champ!

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