Aug 12, 2011
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Zenith … the Pioneer in Best Laptops

It was way, way back in 1985 when innovative Zenith Corporation pioneered one of the earliest lightweight and portable computers … something they called a laptop.

Their original design – for the Z171 – was known as a “lunchbox” portable. It was trim, surprisingly sleek and incredibly lightweight … especially for that era more than twenty-five years ago.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Zenith introduced that first laptop and today there are scores of manufacturers offering a broad range of laptops to global consumers. The best laptops come in different sizes … prices that range from the very affordable to the extremely expensive … with many different features … and in varying qualities – from the “so-so” to those that are truly first-rate.

Zenith Laptops

Although Zenith is better-known for the TVs and the electronic audio equipment it produces for the American marketplace, the company is also a major manufacturer of really top-quality laptops.

In truth, Zenith offers a broad variety of models that people can buy. Among its very best offerings are the Admirable and the Presidio. Both of these laptops are worth purchasing – for a variety of reasons. To begin:

The Zenith Admirable is a budget-friendly, consumer-friendly laptop that is remarkably sleek and trim. What’s more, it includes a large, crystal-clear screen and great graphics. Ideally-suited for college students and ordinary consumers, the Admirable laptop packs a variety of great computer apps …and other very useful applications, as well. This is one laptop that is worth owning.

What about the other Zenith laptop – the Presidio? Here’s what you need to know …

Upscale in every way, the Zenith Presidio laptop is, like its cousin, extremely lightweight and portable. That makes it perfect for business people who travel frequently … because this laptop is easy to take along … easy to use, as well.

Handsomely-appointed and well-crafted, it actually does a very good job of serving the needs of business and professional people who leave the office frequently. The Presidio has lots of power so it handles most business applications easily and effectively.

The Presidio is great-looking (call it an “executive” look) and so lightweight that it deserves to be called “portable.” If you own this laptop, you will experience no difficulty taking it with you wherever you go.

What about its cost? The Zenith Presidio is priced to fit most budgets without leaving wallets or purses empty. That should be a big factor in any decision you make regarding the purchase of a best laptop. While this portable computer is powerful and packed with applications, it is not at all prohibitively expensive.

Finally, the Zenith Presidio also includes gaming apps … entertainment you can enjoy when you’re still on the road (in your hotel room), after you have stopped working.

With its world-class reputation for quality … with laptops you just know will please you, it makes good sense to look into purchasing one of these two great models once you begin shopping. The truth is, regardless of which one you buy, you are likely to be happy with your decision.

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